COVID-19 Return to Work (RTW) Services

Have you done all that you can to help your team gain COVID Confidence? 

At Gilbane we are Building More than Buildings®, we are building COVID Confidence. Gilbane's Transition Planning and Management (TPM) and Facilities Management Service (FMS) have developed a new consulting service centered on our clients' return to work. 

Return to Work (RTW) Service Overview:
We share your concern that the return to work process involves a focus on both people and workplace. Our unique RTW service begins with a detailed “current state” assessment of organizational readiness to safely return to work. Our assessment team is designed to deliver the right expertise to evaluate your challenges and respond with proactive and proven solutions to hard questions. The comprehensive assessment process is designed to help determine key areas organizations need to focus on, and invest in, to bring their business back online safely and efficiently.

Building on our ability to provide comprehensive transition planning, transition management and facilities management services, our TPM and FMS experts have designed a program to assess your facilities and identify high priority areas of focus to support a safe return to work. After careful analysis of the collected assessment data, a customized report is provided. The report explains the current situation, identifies high-priority areas of necessary focus and improvement, and presents a preliminary roadmap for a safe return to work. Our RTW team has also developed an in-depth, comprehensive 130-step RTW questionnaire and the supporting readying tools, protocols, education, and documentation that will assist in safeguarding employers and employees. When applicable, we also engage our disaster recovery team, GRS Disaster Response (GRS). GRS delivers a single-source approach to getting buildings reconstructed after disaster strikes.

Please click the image below to download our Return to Work (RTW) brochure and to learn more about our services:RTW Image


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Return to Work (RTW) Team
If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact:

Carolyn Pfude
Pfude_Headshot_2Director TPM 
Donald Conover
DConover_HeadshotDirector FMS
Randy Smith
Rsmith_HeadshotFM Consultant Professional
Specializes in FM solutions across industries 

Brittany Gamble
BGamble_HeadshotSenior CAFM Consultant
Specializes in spatial design and programming
Kristine Suminski
Suminski_headshotTechnology Consultant
Specializes in implementation and training of new technologies

Teri Boteler
TBotelerHealthcare Consultant
Specializes in healthcare transitions and education