Rising Contractor Benefits

Increased opportunity through relationship building.

The construction industry is built on relationships. The Gilbane Rising Contractor program is a conduit for our trade partners to foster the relationships that lead to bid invitations and, ultimately, the chance to perform on a project.

In 2020, 36 subcontractor firms successfully completed the Rising Contractor program and reported overwhelmingly positive experiences. Alongside an introduction to Gilbane processes, participants have also entered a one-year mentorship program with Gilbane project executives.

Other program benefits include:

  • Participants develop working relationships with Gilbane personnel in key departments, such as purchasing and estimating.
  • Gain intimate knowledge of "doing business with Gilbane," from bid solicitation to project closeout.
  • Receive step-by-step guidance on Gilbane’s pre-qualification process.
  • Receive automatic bid de-scoping for unsuccessful bids.
  • Priority consideration for inclusion on contractor bid lists
  • Connect contractors with potential partners
  • Senior-level mentor who will be personally invested in getting their assigned firm work with Gilbane

Continued Success Through Mentorship

Once participants have submitted their prequalification application, they will be assigned a Gilbane project executive as a mentor. This ensures the end of the eight-week training program is only the beginning of our work together. Mentorship spans at least one year and consists of:
• Initial meet and greet with Mentor (one hour)
• Monthly check-in meetings
• Site visit to a Gilbane project
• Assistance with Gilbane processes

Meet the Spring 2021 Rising Contractors

DC Fire Protection, LLC

District Construction Corporation

Arctic Innovation Systems, LLC

CAMM Concrete, LLC

Iron Solutions, LLC

THG Companies, LLC

Alternatives Renewable Solutions, LLC

MET Painters, Inc.

The Daniele Company, LLC

Fidelity Plumbing, LLC

Integrity Developers, Inc.

J.L.D.C. Construction, Inc.

Geyer Fire Protection, LLC

Hanover Land Services, Inc.

Iron Lady Enterprises, Inc.

Hope Windows and Doors, LLC

Alto, FSI

Barnett Mechanical Services, LLC

The Alert Pioneer Plumbing Company, LLC

Velocity Construction Services, LLC

Sanchez Painting Contractors, Inc.

Imbue Technology Solutions, Inc.

ACT Abatement Corp

DPI Electric and Communications, Inc.

Dynamic Digital Air, LLC


J1 Door Company, Inc.

AFL Construction Company, Inc.

AMF Electrical Contracting Corporation

CAG Construction Corporation

Candela Systems Corporation

Diaz Electric of New York, Inc.

Ganly Electrical Corporation

IAG Electric, Inc.

IKNA Construction, LLC

J & G Marble and Tile Corporation

KCM Contracting, Inc.

Labco Electric Contracting Corporation

Ramdeen's Electrical Contracting Corporation

Browntown Group, LLC

Cameron & Associates 8, LLC

LB Construction Enterprises, Inc.

DCD Contracting, Inc.

Dewitt Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Enell McIntosh Mechanical, LLC

Fine Print Construction

Michaels Enterprise, LLC

P.A. Fly Contracting, Inc.

Pristine Electric, LLC

Pucca-Fera, Inc.

Lomax & Associates, Inc.

The Prime, LLC

UHP Wireless Networks

Webco Construction

HPI Floors, LLC

Southeastern Commercial Flooring, Inc.

Classic Cleaning, LLC

Foss Demolition, Inc.

Growth Management Services, Inc.

JC Building, Inc.

The Daniele Company, LLC

Grace Glass, LLC

Kershaw Builders Inc

Canterbury Enterprises

RMT Construction & Development Group

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