Gilbane Cares Report

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)

Our Blueprint for Impact

At Gilbane, we use an integrated environmental, social, and governance platform that leverages our resources to examine and improve our opportunity for impact. In keeping with our core value of Caring, we hold ourselves accountable to contributing to a global sustainable and inclusive future.

We are committed to building a better future for our entire Gilbane family of employees, for the communities in which we live and work and beyond, and for the generations to come.

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Tom Letter
Message from our Chairman

Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr.

Gilbane’s commitment to building safer, more environmentally sustainable, and inclusive communities is at the forefront of all we do.

While our commitment to building more than buildings has always been at the heart of who we are at Gilbane, we’re proud to have formalized our efforts into an ESG strategic framework. Since the launch of our ESG strategy in 2022, we’ve had meaningful engagement with our people, clients, and communities about what ESG means to us and how we plan to deepen our impact and advance the construction industry.


I am grateful to Gilbane’s board of directors for their oversight of our ESG strategy and their expertise in developing the governance structure necessary to support our goals and ensure that we are measuring our progress.


This report details our efforts that are the result of our teams' incredible collaboration and dedication. I look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress as we seek to make a difference in our communities.



Message from our President & CEO

Thomas M. Laird, Jr.

Our ESG strategy is enabled by the purpose and passion of our people at Gilbane. Over my 35-plus year career with Gilbane, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most caring people in the industry. The progress we’re sharing in this year’s ESG report is thanks to our teams who strive to build more than buildings each and every day.


While we have more work to do, it’s incredibly gratifying to reflect on the strides we’ve made since announcing our ESG goals in 2022. Thanks to our strong collaboration and collective commitment, we are tackling some big goals and challenges. These efforts touch everything from our company culture to trade relationships and project delivery. We’ve set our ESG commitments because we know that our impact has the potential to reach far beyond the buildings we build. It’s what drives us to innovate, look for new solutions and approaches, and seek to do better for our families, our clients, and our communities.


Sustainability Commitment

Gilbane’s commitment to sustainability is not just corporate policy, it reflects our core values. In the office and in the field, we are driven to eliminating waste, reducing pollution, promoting reuse and recycling, utilizing re-purposed materials, and increasing energy efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.


Download the Complete 2022 Gilbane Cares Report here.

Reducing Carbon

Gilbane is committed to utilizing our position and resources in the industry to influence both operations and construction projects to minimize carbon emissions. In addition, we aim to do our part by continuously enhancing our sourcing and procurement practices.


Committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

Reducing Waste

Our Lean building principles guide our business practices with a focus on eliminating anything that does not add value to our clients or communities. Whether in our offices or our job sites, we seek to reduce and eliminate waste.


Committed to sending zero waste to landfills by 2040.

Water Conservation and Quality

Gilbane focuses on conserving water throughout its operations. We apply strategies to reduce potable water usage and consumption through system optimizations, water conservation measures, and water reuse and recycling measures.

Committed to reducing potable water use and consumption by 40% by 2040.

Advancing our Clients' Environmental Responsibility Goals

We are committed to sustainability in both our internal business practices and in the services we offer to our clients.


2022 Highlights:


  • Initiated application of CarbonCure, a solution that enables the production of reliable concrete, but with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Established supplier relationship management program focusing on carbon reduction opportunities in the supply chain.

Advancing Net Zero/Net Positive

Net zero buildings create enough energy within one year to power the building, removing the requirement for external energy sources. Gilbane has delivered six projects that are net zero ready.


Elements Used:
  • Enhanced insulation in wall cavities
  • High-performance building envelope and systems
  • Pronounced solar shading fins, and canopies
  • Sensor-controlled, LED, low-energy lighting and more 

Inclusion and Diversity Commitment

As a family company, we put our people first. Our family culture is sustained by embracing inclusive practices that drive equity, diversity,
and belonging.


Our efforts are guided by a strategic plan that includes five focus areas with the goal of enhancing inclusion, diversity, and belonging at Gilbane.


Download the Complete 2022 Gilbane Cares Report here.



We believe inclusive and diverse workforce stimulates effectiveness, productivity, creativity, and innovation.


2022 Highlights:

  • Over 42% employee participation in our employee resource groups.
  • Received a score of 90 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index.


G.O. Services & Workforce

The G.O. Services team offers a highly skilled and diverse workforce, job site equipment rentals, and site consumables for Gilbane projects across the country. This services group provides a sole source solution, fulfilling all job site general conditions and general requirements.


G.O. Services is currently working in over 23 markets across the country, with over 60% workforce being ethnically and racially diverse.

Driving Economic Inclusion & Opportunity

Our goal is to leverage Gilbane’s national profile and building project portfolio to create robust participation by diverse-owned businesses and their tradespeople.


2022 Highlights:

  • 24% progress towards $4 billion commitment to M/WBE-, disadvantaged-, LGBTBE,- and veteran-owned businesses by end of 2026.
  • Over 20% diverse and small business participation across project portfolio.

Safety at Gilbane

Gilbane Cares is our cornerstone commitment to safety – ensuring our people, partners, and communities are protected. We believe that a holistic approach to safety – focusing on physical and mental health – are critical to safeguarding our people.


2022 Highlights:

  • Companywide mental health first aid training, beginning with leaders across the enterprise, rolled out.
  • 96% of our projects had zero lost time injuries.

Building Communities

Through the generosity of our people, we’re giving back to our communities and helping to support many urgent needs. From helping to fight hunger, educating young people, supporting wellness and the pursuit of lifesaving cures, and so much more, our people are deeply committed to being a force for good.


2022 Highlights:

  • Employee matching gift program doubled to 100% match.
  • Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) program launched.

Governance at Gilbane

Governance, ethics, and accountability have been essential to how Gilbane has operated for over 150 years. We are guided by our core values, Code of Ethics, and policies and procedures. Our corporate governance structure, including the Board of Directors, ensures the highest business standards possible and fosters principled actions and accountability, and effective and informed decision-making.


Download the Complete 2022 Gilbane Cares Report here.

Board of Directors

Gilbane’s Board of Directors comprises transformational leaders with a diverse range of skills and experience who provide corporate governance, ensuring excellent business standards and controls.


2022 Highlight:


ESG governance established with leadership task force and board oversight, including regular reporting.

Enhancing our Ethics Culture

At Gilbane, our core values are the foundation of how we conduct ourselves as an enterprise and how we treat each other, our clients, and our partners. We are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct and to upholding those standards as we pursue our ESG vision.


2022 Highlight:


Launched inaugural Ethics Weeks in September 2022 to spotlight the importance of ethics and compliance at Gilbane.


Compliance and Trainings

Gilbane’s workplace compliance trainings are designed to help employees understand the company’s standards and expectations so that we can operate at an optimal level. Workplace laws and regulations constantly evolve; therefore it is critically important to keep up to date with trainings.


2022 Highlight:


Employees averaged nearly 34 hours of training in 2022.


Driving Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is our commitment to continuous and sustainable improvement in our performance as an enterprise, individuals, and teams. When we perform well on our projects, we deliver better value, not just for our clients, but also our employees, trade partners, and the communities where we work and live.


2022 Highlight:


Released new baseline operations playbook requiring specific action plans for sustainability and economic inclusion on every project.

Developing and Engaging our People

We believe that our people are our greatest resource, and we want them to develop and flourish. Our continued focus is on employee engagement and supporting career growth and development, recognizing that the mental health and wellbeing of our people is critical.


2022 Highlight:


Launched a live virtual companywide forum that focuses on an ESG related topic each month to further engage and educate our people.



Digital, Data, and Technology Governance

Our technology strategy is informed through research, evaluation of current and future trends, an intentional approach to innovation, risk management, and a commitment to differentiation.


2022 Highlights:


Developed technology and transformation strategic pillars.

Accelerating a Culture of Innovation

We define innovation through our delivery of shared value for our clients, partners, and our people. We continuously innovate to address industry and client challenges, operational deficiencies, and inefficiencies with scalable solutions that benefit all stakeholders.


2022 Highlights:


  • Over 45 Innovator of the Year entries were submitted (Gilbane's internal awards program).
  • Three winning ideas were selected to advance with the goal of operationalizing across the enterprise.